The Student Academic Programs Commission (SAPC) was created to serve as a source of review, advice, and accountability for student programs. SAPC, in essence, serves as a liaison body with the CCCU membership, and guarantor of the quality of CCCU student programs.


SAPC makes its recommendations for administrative action to the vice president for academic affairs and, as appropriate, for referral by the vice president to the president and board of directors. Don DeGraaf, Senior Director for Educational Programs, is the primary staff liaison.


SAPC has six members appointed for two or three-year staggered terms. The commission recommends new members to the president annually. Members serve until their replacements are appointed and any member can be reappointed up to a maximum of six consecutive years. The commission normally has at least three chief academic officers and one chief student development officer serving at all times.

Functions of the Commission

SAPC meets twice yearly and provides oversight of the general academic and student life aspects of all CCCU-managed student programs. Through written reports, review of published information, major on-site visits of student programs, etc., the full commission reviews and recommends, in writing, policies and procedures applicable to any or all of the programs. The commission also provides counsel to the vice president.

Reports of On-Site Reviews

Each program is visited by the commission for an extensive on-site review a minimum of once every six years. Copies of the written reports are sent to the chief academic officers of CCCU member colleges and universities. They are also sent to accreditation agencies upon request.

You’ll find the most recent SAPC report from each program below:

Course Descriptions & Syllabi

Individual course descriptions and syllabi (where available) can be found on each program’s page. Please select a program location below, where you can view and download the course description information. If your campus requires more detailed information, please reach out to a CCCU GlobalEd admissions coordinator.


Middle East

Middle East Studies Program


Oxford Semester Programme


Oxford Summer Programme


Oxford Online Programme

Washington, D.C.

American Studies Program

We view the CCCU GlobalEd programs as an extension of our CCCU campuses and are always looking for ways to partner with CCCU institutions to build our programs into specific degree programs and supplement on-campus coursework.

Building CCCU GlobalEd Programs into a Major/Minor

A number of CCCU institutions have built our programs into specific academic majors/minors they offer. Building a CCCU GlobalEd program into an academic major benefits our partner institutions through creating an experience that can be marketed to perspective students and help grow enrollment at the partner institution. Since we are an extension of our member campuses, the programs can be marketed as their own rather than a separate third-party provider.

For more information about creating a partnership between your institution and CCCU GlobalEd, please contact Don DeGraaf, senior director of educational programs, at

Throughout the academic year we host visitors from our partner schools at our programs. These visits are a great way to get a firsthand understanding of the life-changing experience students get on CCCU GlobalEd programs. If you are a faculty or staff member interested in visiting one of our program locations, please fill out the form below and one of our team members will reach out to you about scheduling a visit. If you have more specific questions about setting up a program site visit, please contact Don DeGraaf, senior director of educational programs, at

Program Site Visit Inquiry

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Throughout the academic year, CCCU GlobalEd staff are available to visit campuses in the U.S. and Canada. If you are interested in having a representative visit for any reason, please fill out the form below and someone from our team will be in touch with you shortly. If you have more specific questions about setting up a visit, or visit details, please contact Don DeGraaf, senior director of educational programs, at

Campus Visit Request Form

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While our programs are designed specifically for our CCCU institutions, we work with many colleges and universities that are not part of the CCCU. We regularly have students attend our programs from a number of different colleges and universities, both public and private, religious and secular.

Students participating in CCCU GlobalEd programs earn credit in three different ways:

International Host Institutions Provide Official Transcripts

The Scholarship and Christianity in Oxford Semester Programme partners with Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford, an accredited host institution that awards an official transcript for the coursework completed while studying abroad as a Registered Visiting Student.

These official transcripts are sent to our main office in Washington, D.C., and are then sent out to each individual campus.

Home Institution Provides Official Transcripts

Most students who attend CCCU GlobalEd programs receive academic credit directly from their home campus. We are happy to work directly with any college or university to secure institutional approval for any particular CCCU GlobalEd program. Below are a few examples of how we work with different institutions to offer our programs to their students.

CCCU Affiliation and Consortium Agreement

For non-CCCU institutions wanting to offer our programs to their students, we have developed a partnership agreement that allows students to attend our programs as if they went to a CCCU member institution. Through this agreement, institutions agree to transcript the courses students take through their home institution and award them an official transcript for their semester.

One-Time Affiliation/Consortium Agreements

If an institution has their own affiliation agreements designed for third-party providers, we are generally willing to sign these for students to attend our programs. These one-time agreements are similar to the CCCU Affiliation and Consortium Agreement, except they only approve a specific program for a single student.

For more information on developing a partnership agreement, or to have a one-time affiliation agreement signed, please contact Don DeGraaf, senior director of educational programs, at

CCCU GlobalEd’s School of Record Provides Official Transcripts

If an institution does not recognize academic credit from third-party study abroad programs and does not want to sign a partnership agreement, students can receive an official transcript through our school of record, Biola University. Biola University is a nationally ranked Christian university in Southern California that holds institutional accreditation from the WASC Senior College and University Commission and serves as the academic sponsor for all CCCU GlobalEd programs. This means that Biola University can provide an official transcript for the courses a student takes while on our programs.  At the conclusion of the semester, Biola will process a student’s credits and send their final transcript to their home institution.