Looking down the aisle of a chapel.The purpose of the CCCU GlobalEd programs is to extend the educational mission of our partner campuses by providing culturally engaging learning experiences that foster students’ intellectual and spiritual growth while equipping them to live out their Christian faith in the world. In other words, CCCU programs empower students to better understand and obey the Great Commandment—to love God and love their neighbor—and to fulfill the Great Commission to extend the redemptive work of the Kingdom throughout the world.

CCCU GlobalEd is not affiliated with a particular Christian denomination, but rather is interdenominational made up of a diverse group of Christians of different backgrounds and traditions. Our staff all affirm the Christian faith as outlined in the Apostles’ Creed and are committed Christ-followers. While our programs approach vocation, academics, and daily life from this place of Christian faith, we welcome all qualifying students who attend a CCCU institution.


Faith and Vocation

In each of our programs, students will be encouraged to think through questions and implications of faith and vocation. What does it look like to be a follower of Jesus in your particular field? How can you “seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God” (Micah 6:8) in your work?

Each program engages with these and other questions in different ways. For example, in Oxford, you’ll see that academic rigor and curiosity are not incongruent with faith, but rather flow out of respect for and interest in the world God has created. In D.C., you’ll go from classroom discussions on faith and vocation to applying these ideas in the real world through your internship. While in the Middle East, you will hear from speakers about how their Christian faith informs their work in the region.

We understand that these can be important, life-altering questions, and our goal is to walk alongside students as they work through them. In each of our program sites we have staff who have thought deeply about these questions and are eager to mentor you as you grow, learn, and experience throughout your program.


Faith and Culture

Different cultures reflect God in different ways, and in encountering and building relationships with those who are different from us, we learn more about who God is and how God is at work in the world. We encourage you to enter into these off-campus experiences whether abroad or in the States with humility and openness, a willingness to be uncomfortable, and curiosity to engage with the place you encounter your program.

This might include having coffee with Muslim neighbors in the Middle East, learning about the current challenges and joys of D.C. life through conversation with residents in different neighborhoods, or learning about how the history of Christianity in the British Isles has shaped the modern-day UK. Each program will encourage you to engage as a pilgrim, listening and learning from those around you and exploring how faith and culture intersect.


Christian Community

When you participate in a CCCU GlobalEd program, you do so alongside a cohort of fellow students from colleges around the United States and the world. These aren’t just people you’ll attend class with you’ll eat together, explore together, worship together, celebrate together, create together, and work together. You’ll grow alongside one another and develop lifelong friendships that will likely extend beyond your program.

Each program also encourages students to be involved in a local church for the semester. Through that gathered community, you’ll get to know Christians outside of your program, learn about the needs of the surrounding community, and gain a deeper picture of the global Body of Christ, learning that “We are all related; what affects one member of the Body of Christ affects us all… There is no ‘us’ and ‘them.’” (Denise Ackermann,  After the Locusts)

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